Financial Cards

Financial Cards

Although EMV chip & pin based financial cards are where the market is moving to. There is still demand for magnetic stripe only financial cards and we can certainly assist with these legacy products.

CARD Core’s Financial Card product provider panel includes over 10 of the largest EMV certified card manufacturers in the world. These providers are certified to produce, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discovery cards.

By requesting a quote through CARDCore Group today, you will allow us to prepare a comparison pricing matrix for you, which will include the following:

  • Card Design approvals
  • Proof sheet cost (if any)
  • Card Body
  • Special Effects (pearl, transparent, etc
  • Security Features (hologram, micro-text, UV ink, etc)
  • Door to Door Secure shipping
  • Personalization
  • Value Added Services such as PIN Mailers and/or fulfillment


A unified offering for financial cards:

“CARDCore Group” provides a myriad of options under types of financial cards.

EMV cards (Europay, Mastercard/Visa):

The traditionally used financial card types which are the credit and debit cards with magnetic strips for recognition are fast being replaced by EMV cards. “CARDCore Group” offers high quality and reliable solutions which best match your business requirements for EMV deployment. The options provided by are as follows:

  • Inclusion of card profile definition & data preparation

  • Based on native/ Java / open operating systems

  • The types include dual interface Smart Cards, Contact & Contactless Hybrid Combo from which the customer can choose

  • Includes best-in-class security options of SDA, DDA, CDA

  • The memory of these cards ranges from 4k to 128K

Credit cards:

“CARDCore Group” also provides conventional magnetic strip credit/debit cards or EMV smart cards based on the requirement of the customer. Such cards come along with a great texture and unique designs. They are integrated with state-of the-art technology. “CARDCore Group” is equipped with an astute blend of data specialists taking care of end-to-end data encryption and decryption. With security, quality assurance and promptness being the top priority, “CARDCore Group” ensures to deliver top notch services for customers to relish their experience.

EMV solutions include:

  • Smart Cards (Contact, Contactless and Dual Interface)

  • Visa/Mastercard Debit and Credit Cards

  • Unconventional Card Shapes such as Visa Mini Card, MasterCard MC2

  • ATM Cards

  • Photo Cards

  • Merchant Metal Plates

  • Secure PIN generation, printing and mailing

  • ePINs







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