Telecom Cards

Telecom Cards

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CARDCore Group can provide you with pricing comparisons for types of Telecom Cards, including;

  • Sim Cards (Standard, Micro & Nano)
  • Scratch Cards (Standard, 2in1, 3in1, 4in1, 5in1, 10in1)

Telecom Cards are usually highly sensitive from a security point of view. The team at CARDCore Group has over 15 years’ experience in working with major Telecom operators

throughout the world, as well as SAS Certified Card manufacturers. Our qualified SIM & Scratch Card provider panel has been vetted to only include the best in class providers of such products.

CARDCore Group’s experienced team will help you choose the best production partner for your Telecom Card project. Making sure you get the best market pricing, quality and lead time.

By requesting a quote through CARDCore Group today, you will allow us to prepare a comparison pricing matrix for you, which will include the following;

  • Proof Sheet cost (if any)
  • Production (Color) Samples
  • Card Body
  • Security Features
  • Personalization (Barcode/PIN/Scratch Label)
  • Packaging & Bundling
  • Door to Door shipping (Air or Sea Option)
  • Value Added Services (Fulfillment / pick & pack)


Communication, the safer way

“CARDCore Group” has left no stone unturned in the manufacturing of plastic cards. We have been successful in producing high quality telecom cards also. We provide a complete end-to-end personalized service, operating system with OTA servers, development tools and custom applications. We manufacture:

  • SIM

  • Micro SIM

  • Nano SIM

  • Multiple SIMs on a single card

Our services include:

    • Artwork creation / management

    • SIM profile creation

    • SIM data handling and verification

    • Chip personalization and embedding

    • Test card production

    • Application development

    • Final card production

    • Packaging

Our application development includes:

    • Extended SMS

    • WIB service

    • Secure wallet

    • Automatic device configuration

    • Phone book backup

    • Extended phone book

    • Mobile commerce

“CARDCore Group” also produces the best-in-class scratch cards with supreme product features including:

  • A broad range of product material from which the customer can choose the best

  • Personalized information like the serial number, recharge number, personal access number, personal identification number, expiry date and barcode

  • Scratch panels to keep the PIN, PAN and HRN secure from tampering

  • Choice of design, color and size

“CARDCore Group” uses high-en technology to manufacture such telecom cards by keeping in mind quality, compliance and security features for the benefit of the customers.





CARDCore Group is a global leading multi-channel comparison service for Gift, Loyalty, Membership, RFID, SIM and Smart Card products. CARDCore provides businesses with the convenience of online comparison and the benefit of telephone-based advice.

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CARDCore Limited is a member of the  International Card Manufacturers Association(ICMA).

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