Choosing the right software to manage your ID cards

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The strength of your identification-controlled security rests as much on the software used to support it as the functionality of the cards themselves. But with so many options out there, it feels impossible to make the best possible choice for your business. We’ve cut through the technobabble to bring you a (nearly) jargon-free guide on what to look for when it comes to choosing the right identification management software for your company’s ID cards.


The first and most important thing when considering any software purchase is whether your systems can run the program. More and more programs are being made for multiple Operating Systems, but some may only run on Macs, or only on Windows – and even then. only specific versions. Additionally, some programs do not play well with other programs attempting to perform their own tasks (usually by accessing or modifying the same files as each other in odd ways), and are incompatible.

Discovering any of these incompatibilities or operating issues after a purchase costs time, money, and patience that could have been saved by some research.


Put simply, what do you need your program to do, step-by-step? List these requirements or keep them in mind while browsing. It’s great if a program has plenty of great-sounding bells and whistles attached, but if your business doesn’t ever use them, the utility is wasted. Alternatively, there are too-lean identification management programs out there. You may require something with a few more tools and options to finely tweak your security.

All-in-one or dedication identification management software?

There is value in either purchasing one program to handle the entire ID management and processing system or buying multiple, separate programs that each fulfill their own purpose. An all-in-one program will not have to worry about software incompatibility as much as a cluster, and is easier to set up – making them strong choices for businesses not serviced by dedicated IT professionals.

However, with one singular program, it’s easier to control, which is great — for both you and anybody looking to compromise your system. Multiple programs, on the other hand, are more difficult to set up, and are prone to the incompatibilities outlined earlier, but each specific program is geared for its specific task, giving you more options and control than generalized software. It is also compartmentalized: even if a single program is compromised, it’s not as easy to access the rest of your security system.
There is no one specific piece of software that magically fits everybody. There’s also no substitute for research and careful comparison between your alternatives. Selecting the best fit for your ID management needs will no doubt take a little time – but it’s time well spent.

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