PN8600 OLT adopts the advanced architecture of the next generation access product industry, main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture, not only ensures the bandwidth of users, but also ensures fast switch when it fail to work. PN8600 series product support EPON/10G EPON, support various types of hot plug interface board, support switch of the core mainboard to achieve 1+1/1:1 protection, prevent single point of failure effectively.

  • XPON platforms: EPON, 2.5 G EPON, 10 G EPON unified platform
  • Optical and coaxial integration solution: support for EPON/10G EPON+ E2-CMTS optical and coaxial access network integration solutions
  • Ultra-large capacity: 4.8Tbps backplane capacity, 1.92Tbps switch capacity, 256K MAC, Maximum supply 128 PON
  • Smooth upgrade: support large, medium and small equipment models, the machine frame and the board can beuniversal
  • High reliability: main control and business board adopts double star bus architecture, main control board and power supply are 1+1 hot backup
  • Support three layer functions: Supports static routing, IS-IS, OSPF, etc. And ARP prevent attacks
  • Abundant multicast function: support IGMP Proxy,1K concurrent multicast group in each PON interface
  • Thorough QoS guarantee: support multi-LLID, every PON supports 256 logic link
  • Strong DBA function: dual management model based on SLA and priority, and flexible broadband management ability
  • Complete Network management function: support E2-CMTS system networking, unified management graphical interface of SNMP network management and supports remote management, convenient operation and maintenance in the future



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