Everything your business needs to do to take great ID photos, fast

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So, you think you’re just about ready to move ahead with the manufacture of your ID cards. They’ll sweep in an age of security improvements as well as effective tracking and organization when it comes to what happens onsite at your business. Great!

There’s just one problem: you still need to have everybody’s ID photographs taken.

At the outset, it might sound like a bit of a nightmare. Vivid, embarrassing memories of school photo days might simmer to the surface, even if you’ve been out of school for more than a decade. Read on and we’ll help you go through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Hire someone, for goodness’ sake!

The words “you get what you pay for” will always ring true, and unless your business deals specifically in the photography industry, you probably don’t have a professional photographer on staff. A professional will have the correct cameras and equipment that are needed to take clear shots that will help in properly identifying everyone clearly. Photos taken with just a cell phone camera can be blurry, shaky, dark, and can also distort certain facial features or make them difficult to pinpoint – a definite security no-no.

Book multiple shoots

The reason for this one is two-fold. First, it’s unrealistic to expect absolutely everyone in your company to be available on one single day. The world is unpredictable, and a sick day or emergency leave will mean you’ll have to book a second shooting anyway or make arrangements specifically for those employees.

The second reason is to alleviate the burden on the photographer. Shooting photos (or more exactly, getting people into the correct position, looking the right way, smiling – or not smiling — correctly, and then finally retaking photos in case the subject blinked) for several hours on end is tiring work, and it is quite possible bad photos and mistakes may get past them when they’re tired. By spreading the shoots across different days, the photographer gets time to rest and refocus, and will continue to take quality photos.

Get some background on the situation

A good background on photos puts the person in proper focus, letting their facial features be seen easily. A plain or distracting wall may actually make it more difficult to distinguish certain features on some people’s faces, which may actually open the door for fraudulent usage of employee IDs.

Give your employees plenty of warning
When warned beforehand, employees can plan around picture day, not only to make themselves look decent, but also to shift around any work that would ordinarily be done on that day in that time frame, or plan any needed days off around those dates.

Getting your company’s ID photographs all taken and processed is an arduous process, no matter how you slice it. Hopefully our advice will make it feel a little less like herding occasionally self-conscious cats!

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