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Key Card production, as we all know, comes with sensitive deadlines and exacting requirements. The team at CARDCore Group has over 30 years’ experience in working with both major hoteliers and boutique establishments globally. Our qualified Key card provider panel has been vetted to only include the best in class providers from across the world.

CARDCore Group experienced team will help you choose the best production partner for your Key card project.
We work to ensure that you get the best market pricing, quality and lead time.

By requesting a quote through CARDCore Group today, you will allow us to prepare a detailed quotation, which will include the following;

  • Proof Sheet cost (if any)
  • Production (Color) Samples
  • Card Body
  • Personalization (Bar code Cards/PIN Cards /Scratch Label)
  • Card Holder (Paper)
  • Match & Attach
  • Custom Packaging & Bundling
  • Door to Door shipping (Air or Sea Option)
  • Value Added Services (Fulfillment / pick & pack)


Marketing and keycards

Marketing has taken over every aspect of business. There has to be a touch of branding in every move. One such move is giving away key cards with key tags to the customers. These key tags contain a theme, branded based on the business of the distributor. A key card maybe used to provide access to areas like hotel rooms, gyms; it may be used to unlock a door and so on. Such key cards are also used as key tags for security badges amongst employees.

“CARDCore Group” offers several choices for the business owner to choose from which include magnetic strip cards and RFID key cards. These key cards support all brands of lock and can be customized further based on definite specifications.

Such key cards with key tags can be accommodated anywhere due to its compatible size and shape. They contain the name, signature of the card holder for authentication purpose. If the card is supposed to unlock a hotel room, it could be done only with that particular card. However, the hotel management would need to change the name and signature of the holder from time-to-time as the room tenant may change.

“CARDCore Group” contributes towards the success of any business by giving away high quality secure cards based on its requirements.





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