Membership Cards

Membership Cards

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Membership cards are a great way growing you club, retail customer base and your community involvement both on and off line. The team at CARDCore Group has over 30 years’ experience in working with major Fortune 500 retailers, as well as SME’s. Our qualified Membership Card provider panel has been vetted to only include first class manufacturers and suppliers, covering all part of the globe.

CARDCore Group’s experienced team will help you choose the best production partner for your Membership Card project. We work to ensure that you get the very best in market pricing, quality and production times.

By requesting a quote through CARDCore Group today, you will allow us to prepare a detailed quotation, which will include the following;

  • Proof Sheet cost (if any)
  • Production (Color) Samples
  • Card Body
  • Personalization (Bar code Cards/PIN Cards /Scratch Label)
  • Card Holder (Paper)
  • Match & Attach
  • Custom Packaging & Bundling
  • Door to Door shipping (Air or Sea Option)
  • Value Added Services (Fulfillment / pick & pack)

Win the heart of your customers with our services

Membership cards are identification for a person to be a part of a program. The business owner or retailer may have initiated various programs with promotional motto to spread fame by word of mouth. Such cards have the name, address and signature of the holder to authenticate the user. Issuance of such a card offers the holder a discount or various other privileges the retailer might have added as a part of the marketing program. These cards however have a validity period and may expire once the mentioned time span gets over. Again, this period of validity can be extended if the program initiator wishes to do so.

“CARDCore Group” are experts in producing such high quality membership cards with a magnetic strip or barcode. Such a card also allows inbuilt tracking procedures to monitor the purchase trend of the card holder and extend a personal relationship with the customer base.

“CARDCore Group” are specialists in manufacturing such membership cards in Teslin which promises durability and life of the card. These cards can also be customized with attractive graphics and figures. Such attractive cards from “CARDCore Group” contribute to impress the customer and hence exponentially boost business.



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