Polaroid P5000E

Polaroid P5000E

Polaroid P5000E ID card printer has both single side and dual-side printing capabilities. It enables you to print durable and secure ID cards. Among the included features in this printer is the ultraviolet fluorescent printing capability hardware locks for protecting the consumables, and a Kensington table lock. This Polaroid’s most advanced ID card printer has an in-built LCD panel a USB (bi-directional) and Ethernet connectivity provision.

Laminate with ease

Forgery or counterfeiting is one major consideration when designing ID cards. Polaroid P5000E dual-sided printer effectively and uniformly laminates your cards either one or both sides and can as well laminate cards that has been printed from another printer.

 Secure your card printing program

An inclusion of hardware suite ensures that you have your blank card stock, active supplies as well as rejected cards secure. For additional security, you can incorporate a Kenington Lock anti-theft lock.

Add fluorescent UV

The P5000E ID card printer’s normal fluorescent UV printing capability can make it possible to add another security layer to your cards.



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