Pre-printed Cards

Pre-printed Cards

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Pre-Printed Cards are first choice when providing an instantly issued card with the highest quality and features. High quality membership cards through to Photo ID benefit from a pre-printed, generic card body with overprinted personalization in both speed and cost to delivery.
The team at CARDCore Group has over 30 years’ experience in working with major Fortune 500 retailers, as well as SME’s.
Our qualified Pre-Printed Card provider panel has been vetted to only include only the best in class manufacturers to suite your full requirements.

CARDCore Group’s experienced team will help you choose the best production partner for your Pre-Printed Card project.
We work to ensure that you get the best market pricing, quality and lead time.

By requesting a quote through CARDCore Group today, you will allow us to prepare a detailed quotation, which will include the following;

  • Proof Sheet cost (if any)
  • Production (Color) Samples
  • Card Body
  • Personalization (Bar code Cards/PIN Cards /Scratch Label)
  • Card Holder (Paper)
  • Match & Attach
  • Custom Packaging & Bundling
  • Door to Door shipping (Air or Sea Option)
  • Value Added Services (Fulfillment / pick & pack)


Are you in a hurry to shoot out cards? Check this out.

“CARDCore Group” serves every requirement of the business. We produce instantaneous pre-printed cards for urgent requirements. Such pre-printed cards already have the design and graphic element in place. The business owner would need to just specify proper requirements in terms of branding theme like the logo, colour, background and any other particulars. Pre-printed cards from “CARDCore Group” come with a benefit of sustainability. They are available in a snap which slashes down the waiting time and the production time also serving very urgent purposes. The pre-printed cards come with barcode printing and magnetic strip which could be programmed to function according to the POS kiosk of the business owner.

Few specifications included in pre-printed cards based on the requirements are:

  • Magnetic Stripe – HiCo / LoCo

  • Chip – Mifare / EM

  • Signature Panel

  • UV (Ultra-Violet) Security Printing

Pre-printed cards hold the advantage of a long life and a much more professional look when compared to other kind of cards. They do not fade away like dye sublimation card printers and inkjet card printers. They are valuable assets which can be used as a highly effective promotional tool for immediate purposes. 





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