Which value added services are right for my financial card?

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If you’ve had a look around the CARDCore website, you might have already noticed that when we prepare a comparison matrix for financial cards, one of the fields we consider in detail are value-added services. But which are right for the way your business wants to do things? We’ve looked at some of the more common services on offer below.

PIN mailers

With two-step verification seeing wider and wider use as an effective security measure, it is becoming more and more attractive to eschew a PIN mailing service in lieu of electronic delivery.

Mail delivery for customer PINs still has points in its favor, though. Email delivery of sensitive information leaves your customers open to phishing attacks — where somebody unscrupulous imitates your business to gain information such as customer passwords and PINs. There’s no such concern when mailing a PIN. The PIN’s tamper-proof packaging highlights any attempts at foul play in a way that’s unmistakable.

A PIN mailing service also allows those who aren’t so adept with computers and smartphones to still access their account details safely and securely, giving your customers more methods to use your services and continue doing business with you.


If your business has only a bare-bones physical presence, then outsourcing card fulfillment will save you from grappling with shipping hassles. It eliminates the need to worry about the space required to store, process, and mail your bank cards. You also no longer need to worry about the manpower needed to keep such an operation running, letting you focus your resources on other, more important tasks.

Card reissuing and other management software functions

Tracking, managing, and fulfilling card requests can be overwhelming for a smaller business — and even larger ones can struggle to keep atop it. Outsourcing card replacement and reissuing is a great way to keep your customers happy as they still get their cards, and the focus of your team where it belongs – maintaining and improving your products and services for your customers. If something does happen to go wrong, or even just require a slight change, it’s not on you or your employees to scramble to fix it.

Adding any of these value-added services to your financial card printing process allows you lean on the security know-how of industry professionals. This will save you the time and effort of arranging the process yourself. Additionally, by keeping any additional services with the same company, you reduce the points of contact required to keep your card printing and issuing running smoothly, meaning less phone calls and more chances for meaningful interaction with your customers

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